Bugs DNP 2.8.14 using with Mdaemon - ID: 3015905


I don't know if these are still present in WebSitePanel ?
But it would be great if they can be fixed.
Here is the list: (Used mailprovider: Mdaemon)
  • When you create a new mailaccount and you want to edit it later you always need to re-enter the password. As administrator this is hopeless, because you don’t know every single password. You get the following warning: Password needs to have at least one number.
  • When you create a mailaccount and you enable ‘automatic respond’ and fill in the subject then after saving it, it does not remember the subject. When you go back and try to enter the subject and save it again the automatic respond is disabled + subject and message are gone.
  • When you edit a mailaccount and saving it the mailaccount size limit is set to 0 MB. In Mdaemon the quota is still the same as before. When saving in Mdaemon the size in DNP is set back the saved quota in Mdaemon.