Bugs / Questions in "dotnetpanel" - ID: 3015904


Here are a couple of bugs and questions that existed in DotNetPanel.
Are or could these be fixed in the WebSitePanel ?
  • When you are at Disk Space Report I see my Resource Type (Files) and the Disk Space value. Beneath it again I have a Disk Space value but with no Resource Type in front of it … what is this ? Little bit further down I see the total disk space used but not the total I have.
    Does the Disk Space calculate all services (web, mail, ftp, …) ? When I click on Disk Space report I would like to see how much the user has used with what service
  • If you create a mailforwarding and after that detach and attach the maildomain than the forwarding becomes a mailaccount instead of a mailforwarding.
  • When you make a new website there is a default.aspx made. In this page a have put a token [DOMAIN_NAME]. This token should resolve in the domain name of the new website. But it does not resolve here. In other cases it does.
  • There is a token [LOGS_FOLDER] in de statistics settings. It is not resolving. It’s used in the configuration map template.
    LogFile = "[LOGS_FOLDER]\u_ex%YY-24%MM-24%DD-24.log"